Northeast Super Series: Round 7 & 8 @ NJMP

Looking forward to a great event and great racing…here are all the details…

Friday 10/6 – no practice scheduled
Saturday 10/7 race day: Tempest (long track). Entry $85 per driver/Anybody to go on hot grid must obtain a $15 WKA pit pass or $25 for a 2-day pass. All classes and modern engine packages have a class to run in. To get NESS points and awards you must race under NESS tire and fuel rules. NJMP club racers are welcome to join us and run with the tires legal for their NJMP class, but will not get points or podium awards. ANYBODY who is running MG tires and within the rules of NESS will be scored in the race. There will be a trailer with tires, “pre-purchased fuel”;), chassis parts, and IAME, Rok and Rotax engine parts.
Saturday Details – Track goes hot for 2 rounds of practice at 9 am
                – There may be a hardship practice offered prior to the driver’s briefing at     the discretion of the race director
                 – Lunch (brunch) break and driver’s briefing (11am-12pm)
                 – 5 minute Quali by class
                 – Heat race gridded as you finished Quali on time
                 – Final race gridded as you finished the heat race
                 – Podiums to follow final class at the track
                 – Laps to be determined in the driver’s meeting
Sunday 10/8 race day: Tempest (long track). Same parameters as Saturday
Sunday Details – Track goes hot for practice at 9 am
             – Lunch (brunch) break and driver’s briefing (12pm-1pm)
             –  Similar schedule with the main exception being that each class will have podiums directly after their respective final event.