OVRP Club Race #1, Saturday July 1st (Night Race)

The OVRP Club Kart Racing season is here!  July 1st and July 2nd mark the start of the new season.  There will be nine races with one drop…so eight races will count towards championship points.  Come early to practice on the new track surface and layout.  Official practice on Saturday July 1st starts at 3PM.  Please be sure check the website (OVRP.NET) for all other details related to class structure and class specs.  Fuel and Oil per class is outlined below since it was not listed on the original spec sheet.

Fuel and Oil Spec Overview
Kid kart Class
N1 – (VP98, Motul) / C50 – Pump fuel

All other Classes:
Swift (VP98, Motul or Redline)
Rok (VP98, Motul or Redline)
Leopard (VP98, Motul or Redline)
X30 (VP98, Motul or Redline)
Rotax (MS93, XPS)

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you here!