OVRP Club Race #2: Driver of the Race: Chris Rock battles back!

There we some awesome drives today…even a few first wins, but today’s Driver of Race goes to a something even better than all of that…

Chris Rock spends much of his time helping other people get back on the track or drop seconds off their lap times. This week was pretty special as Chris was back on the track himself after a tough, scary battle with throat cancer during the off season.

Chris (#54) battled in the Master Class with a 3rd in the Pre-Final and a solid 4th in the Final, after running 3rd most of the race. We are all excited to have Chris back in the shop at OVRP and back on the track racing hard!

Chris was super happy with his result. He said he got tired towards the end of the Final and lost a spot…my guess is that won’t happen too many more times. Looking forward to seeing Chris on the podium soon!

Thank you to all who raced today and supported racers today…see you in a few weeks!