OVRP Kart Points Updated after race #9

OVRP Club Kart Race #9 brought over 85 drivers to OVRP.

Thank you to all who came to the event. We appreciate your support and your role in the OVPR and karting community. Special thanks to Iqbal Waryah for always taking and sharing his images and for the teams that choose to race with us; McAleer Racing, Doty Racing, AKR Racing (Chi Chi Racing), Mike Rivera and Ferris Racing.

Also, thank you to the parents who raced in the First Annual Parents Rental Kart Challenge! Nice driving by all and great win by John Costello.

Current points leaders in each class are listed below. Full results can be found on the Forms & Docs page at OVRP.NET. Drop races have not yet been calculated in the points standings.

Kid Kart David Ramirez: with 169 points, 30 point gap to second placed Logan Kovalovsky (139), with Elijah Youngs sitting in third with 120 points.
Micro – Paulie Hart: with 186 points, 6 point gap to second placed Brayden Traver (180), with Aiden Lourenco in third with 130 points.
Mini – Matthew Carlesso 86 points, 61 point gap to a tie for second place between Lucas Szabo Darren Long.
Mini Max – Michael Costello with 193 points, 48 point gap to second placed Brandon Washer (145), and with Christina Rutty in third (128).
Junior – Chloe Chambers with 203 points, 96 point gap to second placed Tyler Ferris (107), with Dylan Christie in third (93 points).
Senior – Josh Green with 183 points, 29 point gap to second placed Conrad Krawiec, and Chase Outcalt in third with 108 points.
Masters – Kenny Ferrier with 175 points, Scott Mandel (116 points, and Paul Rowley in third with 77 points…6 ahead of Barry!
Shifter – Chris Beck with 103 points, 18 point gap to second placed Max Greenberg)