OVRP Pit Support for Rok Fest – Limited Space Available

For the 2018 Rok Fest we will be using the Pit Lane off of the Start / Finish straight. We will also be pitting exclusively from that side of the track starting with Tuesday’s 3pm – 9pm practice. We will be set up there with anything you need.

Also for race weekend support, OVRP will have 8 spaces available under our tent. Those pitting with us will receive premium pit placement (closest to grid and scales), access to all normal shop amenities (air, electric, tools, mechanic advice & feedback, help getting to and from grid if needed). You will also receive a 25% discount on hourly labor rates for work done during the weekend.

Cost is $100 per day for the overall service. Labor rates and parts cost would apply to work done (and agreed upon by you) during the course of the weekend.

Personal mechanics are also available at an additional cost of $200 / day. Subject to availability.

Please call the shop to reserve your space. First come basis. 845-754-8500.