OVRP Rental Kart Race League Winners Crowned!

The first OVRP Rental Kart Race League came to an end last night. After 6 exciting weeks of racing in our “new-ish” CRG Rental Karts, here are the top three finishers in both the Light & Heavy Classes.

Heavy Class;
1st Place – Stevan McAleer w/ 125 points
2nd Place – Stuart McAleer w/ 91 points
3rd Place – Barry Gilsenen w/ 66 points

Light Class;
1st Place – Walter Mitchel w/ 104 points
2nd Place – Sean Noonan w/ 98 points
3rd Place – Justing Adakonis w/ 83 points

Congratulations to the top three in each class and thank you to everyone that participated in the events.