OVRP Rental Kart Racing League starts Tuesday, May 1st

Sign up now for the first OVRP Rental Kart Racing League of the season.  Space is limited to 12 drivers in each of the light & heavy classes and 5 drivers in the mini class.

  • OVRP will host 3 separtate six week race seasons.  The first season starts on Tuesday May 1st and will run the next 5 consecutive Tuesday nights.  7PM Start Time.
  • Registration will be for the entire 6 race season.  Registration is Open Now.
    • Weekly reservations are welcome on a first come basis if there is space in your respective class.  Cost is $100 / week.
  • One race drop allowed if you make all 6 races in a season for season champ.
  • CRG Centurion Rental Karts are assigned randomly by blind pick.
    • Sr. Karts will be shared between Light & Heavy Classes.
    • No Kart modifications are allowed.
  • Complete Rules and details will be provided.
  • Podium ceremony each week and Awards for top 3 in each class for season final.

The series will run on a Tuesday Nights under the lights.  We will have 3 Classes:

  • Mini – 9-14 yr olds, must be 4′ tall (Max 5 drivers)
    • Height and weight restriction apply
  • Light – Drivers under 189 lbs., must be over 5′ tall
    • Must be 15 years old or older (Max of 12 drivers)
  • Heavy – Drivers over 190 lbs., must be over 5′ tall
    • Must be 15 years old older (Max of 12 drivers)

Approximately 40+ mins of track time per race event.  We will not race in the rain or with wet track conditions.

  • Practice – 8 mins
  • Qualifying – 5 mins
  • Pre Final – 12 laps
  • Final – 15 laps

Email info@ovrp.net with any questions of to make your reservation.