Recap & Results: Rok Cup USA Midwest Championship @ OVRP

After three days of thrilling racing, the Rok Cup USA Midwest Championship: Round 1 at Oakland Valley Race Park is in the books.  The drivers performed unbelievably well on the new track layout and surface in numerous weather conditions ranging from the difficult wet to the strenuous heat.

The overall turnout was excellent as Rok Cup / Vortex continue grow in the competitive Northeast karting scene.  OVRP was proud to host the first round of racing for the Midwest Championship and want to thank Garett Potter and the entire Rok Cup USA Team for making the weekend one to remember.  Also, special “thank you” to all the teams and parents for investing in the drivers and the sport.

Congratulations to the OVRP Team Drivers that took part in the Rok Cup event this weekend:

  • Lucas Zabo / Chi Chi Racing – 1st place in Micro, ran with Mini and finished 14th out of 19.
  • Adam Rylance – 5th in Senior, ran stronger all weekend with a 3 2nds in the heat races and in qualifying.
  • Gunnar Bischoff – OVRP/ Velocity – 14th in Junior, thrown chain in final. Not much racing luck this weekend, but ran as high as 5th.
  • Carson Kapica – OVRP – finished 5th in heat #3 & #4 in Senior (DNS for Sunday final)

Rok Cup at OVRP proved to be an exciting and safe weekend of racing!  Visit OVRP and make some laps on the new track.  Club Race #1 is July 1st / Club Race # 2 is July 2nd.  Hope to see you all here!

Below are the Sunday Final Race Results.


  • 1st: Lucas Zabo / Chi Chi Racing


  • 1st: Alessandro De Tullio
  • 2nd: Alex Powell / Speed Concepts
  • 3rd: Nicholas Terlecki / Doty/ Franklin


  • 1st: Tyler Maxson / Speed Concepts
  • 2nd: Tyler Conzalez / Speed Concepts
  • 3rd: Tyler Ferris


  • 1st: Dario Cangial / Mike Doty Racing
  • 2nd: Stephen Mallozzi / Mike Doty Racing
  • 3rd: Axel Cabrera / AKT/ KDM


  • 1st: Flavio Menezes


  • 1st: Jett Norland
  • 2nd: Jimmy Cabera / AKT
  • 3rd: Rory Van Der Steur / Van Der Steur

Complete Results can be found at &