“Spring Tune Up” gets you on track sooner!

Don’t get stuck in the pits when it is finally time to go Drive! Make sure your equipment is ready to go. To help, OVRP is offering the same service we perform on our Performance rental karts. This full service performance maintenance 
package is now available to all our customers. 

This multi point inspection starts with a detailed cleaning of your kart. Followed by an inspection & overall tune up. This includes removing the engine to 
clean and inspect for leaks, damage and wear. Cleaning the chassis, checking for cracks, performing a front-end alignment, carburetor tune up, reed valve inspection, 
bleed the brakes, fluid check, exhaust system inspection, check battery voltage & charge battery. 

We will notify you if our technician identifies anything additional that should be addressed. We can perform that additional service at your request. 

Full Service performance maintenance package is only $120…so you can just show up and drive!

Additional labor costs are billed at $85 an hour, plus the cost of the parts.

Call the shop at 845-754-8500 or email us at info@ovrp.net to set up an appointment.