Two Wheel Weekend @ OVRP! SMEC, NYminiGP, OVRP SM

Looking forward to having all of our 2 wheel friends on site for a great weekend of racing action!

Friday Night, August 10th
SuperMoto Practice: 3pm – 9pm ($50) / 6pm-9pm ($30

Saturday, August 11th
Supermoto East Coast (SMEC) Race Day
9am – 4pm

Saturday Afternoon / Night
4pm – 10pm

Sunday, August 12th
OVRP Club SuperMoto Race
10am – 5pm

Pit Passes will be required for all coming in the pits for each day.

Camping is allowed, but be aware we are not a full facility campground.
There is no charge.

No excessive noise after 11pm each night. Anyone or any group that is warned once and continues to be loud, will be asked to leave. We can not jeopardize or relationship with our neighbors or having the police called. If this happens, we will have to stop allowing people to camp on our property. Please respect the rules.