All the top-of-the-line brands and stock for kart racers.

Retail Shop stocks Ignite, Birel, Freeline, CRG, Freem, Rotax, IAME, and most major brand kart and engine parts. The shop also maintains an inventory of MG, Mojo, and Bridgestone tires (slicks & rain), as well as generic parts you may need on race day: gears, cables, lubes, safety equipment, and race related apparel & safety gear.

Selection, pricing & racing standards, get on the right track.

For the latest advancements in products and info on karting, engines, parts, tires and karting equipment, OVRP is the foremost authority of karting technology. New/used karts are available for purchase. Used karts are also available for rent. 

Ignite Senior Dealer 
Sales and mechanical support for Ignite Senior Karts. The Ignite package from Margay Racing LLC is expanding east, adding OVRP – Oakland Valley Race Park – Hannen Motorsports to the list of facilities and dealers. Based around the Briggs & Stratton Racing 206 engine platform, the Ignite program gets you off the couch and on the race track!

Class Structure:
Class name: Ignite Senior
Weight: 360lbs
Engine: Briggs & Stratton 206
Tires: Hoosier R80 4.5/7.1

Birel/America Dealer For East Coast Karting
OVRP/Hannen Motorsports, Inc. is pleased to continue its partnership with MRP Motorsport for the racing season. Hannen Motorsports’ association with MRP ensures racers get the support they need and readily available Birel/Freeline parts and equipment at competitive prices. 27 World Championships since 1959 maker Birel is a leader in its field. The company captured it first World Championship in 1967 at the hands of Edgardo Rossi. Since then other World Champions have names like Terry Fullerton, Riccardo Patrese, Lake Speed (USA), Stefano Modena, Mike Wilson, Gianluca Beggio. Birel is the choice of others like Mika Hikkenen, Christian Fittipaldi, Eddy Cheever and the late Elio De Angelis.

OTK/Tony Kart Dealer For East Coast Karting
Sales and mechanical support for OTK/Tony Karts. Tony Kart chassis have been used to win several races and championships both nationally and internationally. Drivers have included Formula One stars such as Michael Schumacher and Jarno Trulli. Tony Kart’s product lines include the Kosmic Kart chassis as well as Exprit, RedSpeed, Trulli (few years ago) and Alonso (FA Kart) chassis. Vortex Engines company is part of the OTK Kart Group line products.

For service and equipment standards inquiries, email us at [email protected]

OVRP Travel support & Kart Transport

NOTE: We also provide an Arrive & Drive program with any engine package combined with a state of the art OTK or BirelART racing chassis. See below, for travel support pricing for all travel races.

Travel Support Levels 1-4 (Entry to Full Service)

Level 1: Transportation of your (or team’s) equipment to the race facility. Bring the kart, stand, and other equipment needed to OVRP and we will transport it to the race facility–ready and waiting for you.

Level 2: Add pit space and catering for two people to Level 1. Most facilities charge for the set up of a pit area on their property. We set up a pit area for racers that includes; a private stall for your kart, tools, and personal items with access to engine and chassis parts, tires, air, specialty tools and assistance. Plus, lunch, snacks, ice, drinks, etc.. The Level II plan is designed to allow a driver and their crew to show up to the track and focus on racing.

Level 3: This adds data and video based driver guidance to the Level 2 package. Telemetry systems in karting are amazing now! We take advantage of data and onboard video to review every session in an effort to help drivers to improve lap times and race craft. Very specific guidance to the driver with support information to help make racing adjustments easy and fast.

Level 4: All the benefits of Levels 1-3 with a personal mechanic who will ensure your kart is in optimal racing condition. A dedicated, experienced professional who will be with your driver and kart from the grid, to the scale line, to tech and more! For the driver whose driving ability has surpassed their mechanical program. Constant monitoring of systems on and off the track. Ask for pricing. 

Travel Dates & Locations (TBD)


Full suite service for all your kart racing needs.

OVRP’s team of mechanics have over 30 years combined experience repairing, racing and perfecting karts and priming engines to ensure your equipment is optimized and ready to go.

– Engine Rebuilds, Rotax, Iame, Parilla, Yamaha, Honda
– Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning And Rebuilds
– On-track Chassis And Motor Tuning (Weekdays By Appointment)
– Laser Alignment
– Kart Balance Scaling
– Seat Installation (Essential For Optimum Balance, Handling, And Performance)
– Chassis Analysis And Straightening
– Brake Cylinder Rebuild And Bleeding
– Tire Mounting And Changing
– All Kart Damage Repairs (Spindles, Tie-rods, Steering Shafts, Axles)
– All Routine Kart Maintenance
– Race Fuel & Lubricants Available

Micro Max, Mini Max & Junior Max updated cylinders soon to be available by Trackside Motorsports at OVRP.
BRP has redesigned the way it’s karting cylinders are created updating from a 5 piece mold to a much more consistent process. The value to the end user is better performance and better parity in the racing. 

Kart Storage

Onsite Kart and Trailer Storage: Available for OVRP Kart Club Members. Ask about pricing. 

Kart Prep Service includes: moving karts out of storage, tire pressures check, battery charge/check, engine warm up/start.  $35 per occurrence. 

For more OVRP Kart Club Members perks and extras, click here.


For more Kart Club Members perks &extras, click here.

Seasonal Onsite Trailer Storage

Racing season (May-Nov. 1) & Winter (Nov. 1-April) Onsite Trailer storage is available for OVRP Kart Club Members. 

IMPORTANT INFO: Trailers will now be stored outside of the pit area.Trailers stored on-site can be moved from the storage area to the pit area on the day of the event, and moved back to the storage area at the end of the event. This practice is traditionally how all tracks function and will allow OVRP to host larger events and ultimately provide racers with the most challenging karting experience.

Trailer Pit Area Hauling Services are available to move your trailer from the storage area to the pit area with help setting up or breaking down at the end of the event and moving railer back into the storage area. Call ahead for first-come, first-serve service. Ask about pricing. 

Accommodations can be made to reserve a spot for your trailer in the pit area so they do not have to be moved for events. Ask about pricing. 

Pricing varies for length of trailers. For OVRP’s new storage pricing & policies,

click here

OVRP Covered Pit Stalls

Covered pits include: air, electric, your own parking space.
Reserve your private, covered space beside the race track and steps away from the gird, shop, restrooms and cafe, where all the action is. Ask for pricing. Special discounted rate for OVRP Kart Club Members. 

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